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Thursday, June 11, 2009
The Proposal
Went to see the advanced screening of the proposal yesterday!!! it was absolutely hilarious!!! it was funny, the dialogue was witty!!! i reckon its one of the best sandra bullock romantic comedies ever!!! if you are a sandra bullock fan, or a romantic comedy fan, this is one movie you do not want to miss!!!

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Next 50 Whines

Hi all!!! heres the next 50 whines i promised...

51. terrible exam timetable

52. no time to study everything

53. procrastinating too much

54. may not be able to go back to hk this year

55. so hard to get flour in restaurant city

56. have no time to work on my tvb website anymore

57. too late to enrol in cognitive science... stuck with social psychology now...

58. swine flu!!! over 1000 cases in aus now...

59. i want NCIS season 5!!

60. still haven't gotten the 2 disc edition twilight dvd i said i would...

61. i ran out of credit for my phone... need to get more!!

62. mac or pc?

63. thinking of needed to get a desktop again... but i want touchscreen.. and mac doesn't offer one...

64. mac's are expensive and useless to me unless i do graphics./design...

65. got rejected by all the grad applications i have made...

66. so close to failing accounting 3a!!!

67. crammin in 12 weeks of reading into 5 days is hell...

68. have to work full time this hols... how fun!!

69. have bought sims 3 but mum won't let me play til after exams

70. why do i have a tendency to make so many blogs?

71. personal blog and a photo a day blog? i must be bored...

72. where do i spend all of my time?

73. why can't i get anything done?

74. just love 2 isn't as great as i expected it to be...

75. i want to watch star trek again!!

76. i want to watch the proposal again!!

77. why can blogger be like wordpress and have captions for the photos?

78. its sooo cold

79. my room is only 12.5 degrees

hmmm here's what i go so far... i'll try to add more once i finish studying...


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Second Blog with Wordpress

I started another blog at wordpress.. i'll still keep this one as my main personal one... but my wordpress one is just something i started to have my thoughts/opinions put down everyday so i could look back and see what happened... i started it with "A Photo A Day" so i'll be either posting a photo or a thought each day, about anything that interested me that day...

It's at:

Go have a look!!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
OMG my room was so untidy... no wonder i couldn't study...

have a look at these before and after pics...

Also been really obsessed with this facebook game lately... getting everyone hooked as well... i keep it on mostly to get my gourmet points... but just cant stop playing... haiz...

It's Restaurant City!!!
Please join and play the game!!! i want more ingredients!!!

this week i have a week free of any assessments due!!! yeah!!! but then it means i should really use this time to do the assessment and study now!!! why do i have no motivation to do anything lately? especially since i know things are due, i keep procrastinating til the last min and i have to do an all nighter sleep at 5am... when i know i could avoid it!!! why?!?!?!?! Whats wrong with me??!?!?!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009
Star Trek Movie 2009

I won tickets to the Mystery Screening at Greater Union yesterday!!! guess what the movie is? It was Star Trek.. As soon as they said that this movie, most of you wouldn't have gone seen this movie, and that the director was recently in Australia. The first movie that was like shouting from my mind was like OMG its going to be Star Trek...

I would have never thought i would watch this movie. Especially since i'm not a star trek fan, or do i know anything about star trek. But i'm so glad that i was given the opportunity to see it before everyone!!! OMG i totally loved it!!! I reckon this movie would appeal to those who don't even like star trek or have absolutely no knowledge about what it is. It has a very simple and easy to follow story plot and explains everything from the beginning, so you don't need to have any prior knowledge about it!! the action, and visual effects were really cool, and throughout the movie it was funny!! it was actually humourous!!

Totally recommend you go see it even if you don't like star trek!! absolutely funny and enjoyable film!!!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Freedom to Whine
Been seeing on my sis's blog 50 whines... she is trying to get to 100... i thought that i would get in on it as well...i'll start with 50 and see if i could actually get to 100...

I also want to do a Freedom to Praise/Boast to counteract the depression that i'm sure would come along after i've done my whining...

So here goes, 50 whines:

1. Can't believe that I found my glasses at lost property AFTER I spent $163 on new ones...

2. my life only consists of uni and work

3. I have an almost non-existent social life

4. Raving rabbits tv party hasn't gone down in price, still about $64

5. I don't do enough exercise

6. I'm 21 years old and still never had a boyfriend

7. My room can never be tidy. As soon as i clean it, it becomes untidy again

8. I procrastinate too much

9. How come i'm so short compared to others in my family?

10. Do i really hunch? Mum says I do...

11. My sister is cooped up in her room again, how does she study so much?

12. Why do I have a anxiety problem when flying?

13. I'm finishing this year, in a bad economy

14. I got rejected by PWC within one week of submitting grad application

15. I want to go to Los Angeles but i can't last that long on a plane

16. I want to go on the RMIT study tour but i won't be able to cope with all the flying and travelling

17. There's nothing good on TV tonight

18. There's no Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice or Lie to Me til the end of April, at least the 21st...

19. Don't know why i chose to study commerce/science when i love movies and tv, why didn't i study media?

20. I have a critical review due next Tuesday and i'm still researching...

21. Or is it due next Monday?

22. There is a possibility that Australia is going into recession

23. How come i'm not photogenic, i always look so weird in photos.

24. need to lose some fat...especially around the face and stomach area...

25. my ipod is acting funny, it doesn't show some of the album cover thumbnails when i'm in the album section

26. i don't blog enough even though i want to

27. why do i have a tendency to watch and rewatch every movie and tv show i like?

28. i didn't end up getting 30 rock for my birthday

29. i have a lot of readings to do for hwk...

30. it's already week 4 and i'm behind on my readings.

31. Boys Over Flowers has ended

32. why is mum blaming me for setting a high expectation for Kerrie's HSC?

33. birthdays are coming up and i haven't bought pressies yet...

34. sims 3 doesn't come out until june... will i buy it when its that expensive?

35. why are so many of the grad positions from big companies in Melbourne? NAB, ANZ, Coles Group...

36. i haven't gone back to hk in 2 years... i miss hk

37. i still haven't had time to buy cupcakes from "Cupcakes on Pitt"

38. i didn't have a chance to get the Arc Diary this year...

39. i don't have any diaries this year for uni..

40. TVB series on at the moment are so boring... i hate ancient dramas...

41. First exam for the year on monday

42. I didn't end up getting the pink MSI wind i wanted... got black instead

43. My Dell battery died, leaving my large laptop to be used as a desktop now...

44. Replacement battery cost $200+ at Dell

45. I got another rejection... Deloittes rejected me...

46. How come people take such nice pictures?? I want to learn..

47. There's a terrible virus going around the internet... must be careful

48. Stupid people hacking on Combat Arms....

49. Fluidtek now has a 160gb MSI Wind

50. So many grad applications to do and so little time left.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009
My 21st Birthday coming up!!!
OMG!!! can't believe i'm nearly 21 already!!!

Went to Tiffany & Co today to get the charm i wanted!!! i'm so lucky cos at first they thought the Tiffany Blue Box charm was sold out but they found one!!! Love it so much!!!

Went to a computer store today to look at the MSI Wind U100... cos fluidtek just won't go down in price, apparently the pink one is really hard to find, only about 20 or so in all of australia.... i really wanted the pink one.. but i guess black is more practical if i'm going to be using it everyday at uni... so now i'm going to wait for fluidtek to go down in price for the black one...

All the graduate positions have opened up and i must get my applications in.. haiz... so busy next week with my bday dinner and rachel's farewell dinner, as well as all da homework reading to do...and the applications to fill out...

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Saturday, January 03, 2009
It's Here!!!
The instant camera we wanted is here!!! Aunty Eileen brought it back for us from Ah Yee!!! omg soo cool!!! love it so much... cute photos instantly!!!

Here's a pic of the camera... and a pic of our first picture with it!!! so cute... now we could write on it!!

Also saw Yes Man today!!! omg it was absolutely hilarious!!! love it!! so funny... totally should go see it ppls!!

Anywayz... back to reading "Breaking Dawn" now... really want to finish it before i go back to work on mon...

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